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"Words are not coins, dead things whose value can be mathematically computed. You can't quote an exact English equivalent for a French word, as you might quote an exact English equivalent for a French coin. Words are living things, full of shades of meaning, full of associations and, what's more, they're apt to change their significance from one generation to the next. The translator who understands his job feels, constantly, like Alice in Wonderland trying to play croquet with flamingoes for mallets and hedgehogs for balls; words are forever eluding his grasp." 

Ronald Knox, British crime writer and translator 

Style Guide and Highly Selected Sources

We have our own Style Guide constantly updated and improved, which has been developed over the company's 23+ years in business.

Our linguistic, idiomatic, and medical references come from sources highly reliable, from the most renowned Medical and Academic Brazilian Institutions. 

We have a special focus on the technical terms and medical jargon, i.e., following the rules of the Denominações Comuns Brasileiras from the Brazilian regulatory agency Anvisa as a reference to all drug names, as well as from the latest edition of the International Nomina Anatomica, and renowned medical textbooks.

Teams created according to the specific needs of each job

We adapt our services to the client's needs, not the other way around. 

Clients don't have to pay for professionals and infrastructure they won't use: we shape a unique team for each project, with the proper format, cost-effective.

We evaluate the work to be done and gather a specific team that may include writers, journalists, translators, editors,  proofreaders, copyeditors, and desktop publishing specialists. 

Our professionals are handpicked, highly educated and skilled in the task.

All papers are reviewed by medical doctors specialized in the topic, and in writing, reviewing, and editing medical texts.

Translations Tools

We work with state-of-the-art translation tools such as SDL Trados Studio 2019, Wordfast, and SmartCAT. 

We have our own glossaries and terminological bases for each area of practice in medicine, such as Clinical Trials, Infectious Diseases,  Oncology, Cardiology, etc.

When the client wishes - it does happen - we also offer "handcrafted" works, without using any available high tech resources, giving thus a more personal touch to the text.

A small sample of some of our clients

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